Ready? Set Go! High pressure schedule driven jobs can be difficult to execute, but can be some of the most rewarding projects to complete. In early 2016 Perma was awarded two nearly identical kitchen renovation projects for the Canadian Forces Housing Authority (CFHA). This project consisted of completely making over 30 kitchens in occupied homes in the Belmont Park and Esquimalt neighborhoods located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Working closely with Defense Construction Canada (DCC) whom acted as the project manager for the client CFHA while Perma acted as the General Contractor. This high paced schedule driven project proved to be challenging to say the least. The accelerated scope of work included demolition, drywall repairs, electrical and mechanical upgrades, custom cabinetry, countertops, flooring and paint all wrapped into the demanding schedule shown below.

– 6 kitchens a week for 5 weeks straight

Monday – 8am Demo completed by noon, plumbing and electrical rough-in must be completed by days end

Tuesday – 8am Drywall install (fast set, bring heaters and fans) 8am Flooring to be completed by days end

Wednesday – 8am Drywall final sand, millwork delivery no later than 9am, millwork Cabinet Install (4-5 installers on-site), plumber to drop sink template for cabinet installers by 12pm

Thursday – 8am Kitchen millwork install complete by 10am, mechanical and electrical finishing must be completed by end of the day

Friday – 8am Painting and janitorial – Handover to client

Successful projects like this are only made possible by the tireless efforts of our management team on and off site as well as the trades that perform the work under our direction. To give you an idea of how many people make up a project of this magnitude here is the list: 6 demolition professionals with 2 bin trucks, 3 electricians, 3 mechanical installers for plumbing and HVAC, 2 carpenters, 1 laborer, 2 drywall installers, 4 flooring installers, 7 cabinet installers, 4 painters, 2 site-supervisors, and one project manager pulling all the strings in the background.  These 35 individuals were the the driving force for this successful project and it would never have been possible without their endless efforts.

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