Victoria native Doug Hardy has taken his lifelong love for skateboarding and turned it into a bright future as an artisan woodworker. I had the pleasure to with meet Doug in January, first at his shop then on-site to view his work and discuss the past and what he’s up to today.

Doug’s journey started as a teen with a passion for skateboarding. Growing up his father and older brothers provided the tools and support to experiment with carpentry on the family farm. With a drill in hand he began learning the fundamentals of woodworking starting with skateboard ramps. A long time employee at Coast Line Surf & Sport a local retail store located in down town Victoria, Doug held a role in the skateboard community while paying the bills. His passion took him to California first as a summer skateboard camp counsellor and eventually to full time ramp builder.

After his camp days Doug gained employment in the construction industry holding jobs which he performing a variety of duties such as forum work, framing, restoration, and finishing work. It was during the restoration projects he realized his love for making old things new. “I’m a bit of a collector, when I see something I know what I want to build out of it”

Doug offered to meet me at Sika, another local retail surf shop, so we could look at some of his work and take some photos. What I found was at Sitka was original, creative, one off carpentry installations, very cool! When I asked Doug what inspires him when tackling a job he had this to say. “The idea is inspired by something that has already been made, then I re-purpose it” Today Doug works out of his home based shop here in Victoria turning out custom pieces of art for clients, and of course skateboarding when the rain stops.


By: David Josephson